Saturday, May 24, 2008

Google Video versus YouTube?

If you have been reading my last few (rather boring) posts you'll know I have been struggling to make a screencast and uploading it as a video.

At last!
I had got to the stage where I had my screencast and I had worked out how to compress it, but I just could not get it to upload on YouTube because it was longer than the 10 minutes that YouTube accepts.

For some reason, I couldn't get this blog to upload the video either. Thankfully, Sue Waters had the patience to read my excruciating story about how I wasted the whole of a perfectly good Saturday and took pity on me. She advised me to use Google Video which does not have a time limit like YouTube. So at last, I have managed to publish the video and from there, I have been able to embed it into this blog.

Warning: my husband says this video is so boring that it made him want to go back to bed for a nap.

What do you use?
I do not know much about Google Video. My natural choice is to use YouTube to host my videos because it is my perception that it is more popular that Google Video. However, in view of the difficulties I have had with YouTube, I may re-consider that decision.

What do you think? YouTube or Google Video? Why?


Kevin said...

My guess is that Google Video is a dinosaur ready to become extinct -- it's only a matter of time. (Google owns YouTube, so why have two different platforms running?)
But I use GoogleVid quite a bit for school projects, even though I am now migrating over to TeacherTube or even my own hosting (I hate advertisements).

Sarah Stewart said...

I haven't used TeacherTUbe-will have to go and have a look.

Sue Waters said...

Google Video has quite a few benefits over YouTube. Most importantly Google Video searches and references videos on most video sites which is why its my first choice for finding good videos to use.

Also next plus is there is no limits on time with Google Video.

Choosing between Google Video and YouTube also gets back to if you want the community aspect. I'm not interested in YouTube members telling me my videos aren't good -- the videos may not be designed for the general YouTube audience.

Kevin - I would hope Google doesn't get rid of Google Video (I sure they won't).