Saturday, May 3, 2008

31 Day Comment Challenge - Day 3

I am doing a bit of a catch-up with the comment challenge, so here's Day 3's activity: to sign up for a comment tracking service.

Tracking your comments
Sometimes you make a comment on a post and want to know what other people say, so it's a good idea to 'track' the post. Some blogs have a button at the end of the comment box that you can tick so that you get sent follow-up emails. Otherwise you can use tracking services like coComment and co.mment.

It seems that a lot of people like coComments, which has a much greater range of services like being to track the comments of a specific group of people. But I just haven't been able to gel with coComments for some reason, so I am going to stick with co.mments. It is a basic program that just emails you when another comment is added to the post you are monitoring. That suits my needs well enough at this time.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for sharing the alternative to co-comments (which I am now using). I will have to check out co.mment.
Does it allow you to tag posts?
And share as groups?

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Kevin, as far as I can tell, co.mment does not allow any community sharing, that is where it falls down compared to coComment. So I am probably making a rod for my back by not using coComment but rather using RSS to track the 31 day challenge posts.

Sarah Stewart said...

Here's a great post from Sue Waters about using co.mment:

Sarah Stewart said...

Sorry, I didn't do a very good job with that link - here it is again for you to follow.

Barb said...

Hi Sarah.. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Have hooked into coComment and still finding my way around it. I haven't worked out how to track conversations but will keep trying. I use Flock as my main browser and it doesn't allow coComment, so I switch between Flock and Firefox. Which are you using? It could be your browser that doesn't like CoComment.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for your advice, barb. I use Firefox But it is not Firefox that doesn't like coComments but rather me. I just don't find it very intuitive. And I haven't got time to do any more chasing around than I already do with my RSS feed and Twitter. So I don't want any community functions, which is why co.mments suits me.

Claire Thompson said...

Hi Sarah, I'm also not gelling with coComments. The RSS feed to my coComments account doesn't seem to notify me when new comments are added to a post I'm tracking--kind of defeats the purpose. I'll persevere though (and perhaps use co.mment simultaneously?).