Thursday, May 8, 2008

31 Day Comment Challenge - Day 6

For the 6th day of the Comment Challenge I have to engage with another commenter on a blog post. This is to encourage conversation which adds to the opportunities for learning.

What staff want from their boss's blog
I am feeling a tad guilty about this challenge because I am about to take the easy way out, and that is to combine this challenge with Day 4.

I started a conversation going on the blog of my boss, Phil Kerr. To cut a long story short, as much as I commended his desire for open communication with his staff, I wasn't too excited about Phil's blog. So once he clarified that it was his desire to facilitate communication with staff, I started conversation by asking more questions and telling him about how I saw his blog. This has attracted a number of comments and in the ensuing conversation, Phil has received very valuable feedback about how we, the staff, would like him to write in his blog.

Seeing the personal side of the CEO
There appears to be consensus from the respondents to my comments that not only do we want to hear news, but we also want to know more about Phil's personal thoughts and beliefs about life at Otago Polytechnic. We think that this is much more likely to engage us. Phil has agreed to try this and I am looking forward to getting to know more about Phil's personal side. And I hope the process will be reciprocal.

What I have got from engaging in conversation
I have really enjoyed taking part in the conversation. I have found that I am not the only one with the same thoughts. This has made me feel linked to the people I have been 'talking' to and is another step in helping to make me feel part of the wider team. I am communicating with colleagues in a way that I do not do much in a face-to-face context.

Does your boss use a blog to communicate with staff? If you are a boss, is blogging something you would consider?

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