Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meeting with Pakistani midwives - all welcome

Tomorrow I am having another Eluminate meeting with Rafat and her colleagues in Pakistan. I believe we're also connecting up with midwives in Eygpt, Afghanistan and East Africa. We're going to be discussing midwifery and midwifery education.

Anyone who is interested is very welcome to attend.

Date/Time: Thursday 22nd May 2.30pm Pakistani Time: International Time

Here is the Elluminate link:

Here is information about how to use Elluminate.


Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Sarah, I know you're not part of the WIkieducator community yet, but I think you should add it to their Webconferences page and send it to the Wikieducator google group (see top of any wikied page)

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Leigh. I'll do that.

How do I become part of the wikieducator community - I have pages on wikieducator?

Sarah Stewart said...

Just joined the Wikieducator google group, you'll be pleased to know! :) But have left the TALO group.

wikirandy said...


Very good speaking with you....about the WikiEducator possibilities....

I just want you to know that in addition to the great technical things you can do in WikiEd, more importantly (I believe), you would be joining forces with a growing community, and a community of support that can help you grow, solve problems and achieve your objectives.

I look forward to further conversations with you...and exploring what's possible.

- Randy (aka Wikirandy)

Sarah Stewart said...

It was really nice to 'meet' you as well on gtalk this morning. Rafat and I are going to collaborate on a small project so what I am hoping to do is use Wikieducator to record and develop our progress.