Sunday, May 18, 2008

Making a video using Animoto

Just discovered Animoto which is an online program that puts your photos and music together to make a video. I used free music from Animoto because I couldn't upload music from my computer (and it probably wouldn't have been legal anyway). I also compressed the size of my photos first so they would upload quicker. The free version makes a 30 second video.

It is so much fun and very easy to use - I'm just loving it.

Here is a video celebrating my son's 18th birthday the other day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. I love Animoto too; they are so attractive and lively. I post my little vids onto Vidpod on my website.

Can you see a use for these in developing a profesional e-portfolio? I know you have been working in this area for a while now and would love to hear your thoughts.

sunshine said...

Hi Sarah, thats great - Animoto is so much fun. It looks professional and yet so easy to use. Also no worries about the name... Sunshine, Summer, same thing ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Great work!!! Your blog the other day was amazing too! Gwen

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Sunshine and Gwen, thank you for your comments.

Hello Kate, thanks for the question which mirrored one my colleague, Carolyn, asked me which was how this could be used in an education context.

As for the portfolio, I think it can be used very well in conjunction with written reflections about a task or event you were involved with. For example, you organized and ran a workshop. In your reflection you could write about all the skills you used and the learning around being involved with the event etc. Then you use the video to illustrate the day and/or what you did. It makes the portfolio more interesting and showcases your technical abilities.

As for using it in education, the same answer applies. But I also think there is a social aspect to the program I teach in that could be developed eg have a School of Midwifery Flickr page as well as YouTube account. Animoto can be used to highlight photos students have taken and activities students have been involved with. It will look great in presentations and advertising for the School. So, lots of ways it can be used.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

yes I agree these little postcards of student activities or your own projects could provide a quick and very attractive intro to a more in-depth report or paper, or sum up a topic. They could also serve as an intro in a presentation ... a bit of an antidote to the usual death by PowerPoint that we're all so used to at conferences for example.

Here's a link to a recent Animoto that did just that. It was prepared from photographs taken of students engaged in a production project of a play. It starts during text and storyboarding and moves on through rehearsals and into final production photos taken during performance.

I made it as an opening night 'card' for them all. I was director.


Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Kate. It illustrates beautifully what I was thinking of. Can you tell me: was that the free 30 sec version or do you pay to make longer videos?

Anonymous said...

I took out the annual open pass or whatever it's called. Cost $30 and allows unlimited number of Animotos of 'any length.' Most of the 'moving postcards' I made are around the 2 minute mark. It's a quick, focussed look at something though I daresay you could extend it as you wished.

OK, I wonder where we'll see the first one being used in a portfolio? Hmmm ... :-)