Saturday, May 24, 2008

Collaborating with midwives in Pakistan

Rafat and I had another wonderful web meeting on Thursday. We were joined by midwives in Texas, Kenya, Pakistan and Tanzania. I presented some slides about midwifery in New Zealand and we had a general conversation about midwives' scope of practice.

Here is the link to the recording of the meeting. Make sure you access the meeting dated 22nd May 2008.

Future web meetings
Rafat is going to reciprocate soon and organise a meeting where she will talk about midwifery in Pakistan. When I have the details, I will post the information here and on the midwifery professional development wiki.

Online collaboration
Meanwhile, what we thought we'd do is collaborate on a small project like developing an online midwifery resource, using Elluminate and other online tools. And then we'll write up the process and outcomes for publication as a way of illustrating what can be achieved by online communication and collaboration.

So if you are interested in our discussions or would like to become involved, we are meeting on Tuesday 27th May 10am Pakistan Time (5pm New Zealand Time) - International Time.

Here is the link to our meeting:

Image: 'Collaboration' quinn.anya

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