Saturday, May 24, 2008

The beauty of books

I know there is discussion and even concern in some quarters that one day books will be obsolete. But I am convinced that that will never be the case.

I went to the Regent Theatre 24 hour second hand book sale yesterday, which is held every year in Dunedin. And it was packed, as ever, by fervent book readers. There just isn't anything that can beat that feeling of triumph when you find a book that you've been looking for, especially if it is at a bargain price.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any old midwifery or medical textbooks to add to my collection. But I did find a book called "The 100 greatest women of our time" by Deborah Felder, which I am looking forward to reading, and will be able to pass on to my daughter who is doing gender studies at university.

I found a book about how to write academic papers but I didn't buy it because I thought I could get that sort of information on the Internet. But I did buy a pile of historical romances...the Internet will never, never be able to replace soaking in the bath with a good, soppy romance!

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