Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 21: Making a Recommendation

For the Comment Challenge today, I have to make a recommendation about a resource in a comment.

Nurse educator's blog
I have been following a new blog started by Raewyn who is a nurse educator. She is also taking part in the same digital literacy project as me. Raewyn wants to set up a resource for her nursing students but cannot make up her mind whether to do it in BlackBoard or in wikieductaor, which is an open environment.

Developing an open resource
So my recommendation to Raewyn is the page on wikieducator that Carolyn has set up. She is doing a similar thing to Raewyn and collecting resources for our midwifery students, including videos of clinical skills such as catheterisation and suturing. This might give Raewyn some ideas for her own work.

Image: 'Nonchalance' matteo_dudek

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