Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 20: Following Links

My activity today is to follow three links from a blog that I read regularly. Then I must leave a comment at the blog where I have landed.

I started at Sue Water's blog and ended up at the blog of Roxanne Glaser who is Distance Learning Specialist in the USA. The post I found 'Have you thanked a soldier today? was her account of how she facilitated panels of war veterans who told their stories and answered the questions of school children.

I was struck at what an amazing learning opportunity this was for the children and how it would have brought history alive for them. I wish my son (who studied the Vietnam War last year) had had a similar learning experience - I am sure it would have meant so much more to him than wading through numbers of very dry books.

Image: 'Twelve-Spotted Skimmer' furryscaly

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