Monday, May 12, 2008

Reaching out to midwives

The other web conference I organised last week was the first of a series I am planning that will deliver opportunities for free professional development for midwives.

Technical issues
It took a long time to configure Elluminate on my work computer and by the time I managed to get sorted, the session was nearly over. But Sally Pairman, who was the speaker for the session, did a great job with keeping things going.

International collaboration
Only a couple of people turned up for the session but a constructive conversation was held with a Pakistani midwife who is developing a midwifery program for Pakistani women. Plans are being made for further web conferences with a network of midwives in Africa and Asia.

Future plans
I have a few midwives lined up who are willing to donate their time for future web conferences. So my job now is to continue developing the program for the rest of the year.

The other thing I need to look at is how to advertise to get midwives interested in these sessions.

If you are a midwife who is interested in presenting a session, please let me know. I can provide the technical support - all you have to do is provide the topic for conversation.

Here is a recording of the presentation given by Sally Pairman about regulation of midwifery in New Zealand:

Image: 'first lesson' Makz

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