Sunday, May 18, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 12 - Make Sure Your Blog Technology is "Comment Friendly"

Today's activity requires checking to see how easy it is for people to comment on my blog.

I think it is as easy to comment on my blog as it can be. Here are the things I do to make things easy:
  • I do not 'moderate' because people like to see their posts published immediately. This is a validation for them especially if they are new to the blogging process.
  • I do not use the spam screening letters, whatever they are called, because I hate, hate HATE them!! I think they are a real barrier to comments. I was concerned that I would get a lot of spam but thus far, I have only had a couple of spam comments which I have deleted ASAP.
  • I 'allow' anyone to comment, even in an 'anonymous' form. Requiring people to have an account is hugely off-putting, especially if they are casual readers or new to blogging.
Any other suggestions are gratefully received.

Image: 'Clowning Around' Felix42 contra la censura


Sue Waters said...

WOW I comment on your blog all the time and hadn't realised that you had turned off your anti-spam word. DUH I didn't even realise you could do that with blogger. Have to say I agree anti-spam words are at the top of my grump list -- blogger is the worst. I know I get them right but am often required to input them 3 times to get the comment system to accept them. GRUMP! So thanks for making it easier for me.

Sarah Stewart said...

Most of this stuff I learned from you, Sue, when you were doing the 31 Day Blog Challenge - just goes to show how valuable that challenge was/is.

Sue Waters said...

:) I agree I learn so much from doing these Challenges because they push your thinking and often make you assess your thoughts.

Sarah Stewart said...

I am gutted because I am now having to change my policy about word verification. I am getting so much spam that I am having to deploy this feature.