Sunday, June 1, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 22: Highlighting a Favorite Comment

Day 22 of the Comment Challenge involves highlighting a favorite comment or two, explaining why I liked the comment.

I enjoy all comments, even if they are a quick 'hello' or 'you're talking a load of boring rubbish'. However, because I am a conformist I will highlight two types of comments that I find particularly useful.

Responding to calls for help
The first comment I would like to highlight is one from Sue Waters in response to my request for an audit of my blog on Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. It is very representative of the comments she leaves on my blog and others.

...Images grab your attention and make you pay attention. I also really like your posts on It's official -- squirrel was really cute too. Definitely your humour in your posts is one of your strengths.... You need to add a Search Widget to your site. I suggest if you have several sites that Lijit is an excellent choice. Search is important because it helps people locate posts on your site. I would also add a Feed Burner feed with email subscription because it will make it easier for people to subscribe. At the moment your tagline below your title (Sarah Musing's is too long -- ideally a tagline should be a short sentence. Keep up your good work. I always look forward to reading your posts!

This is a fabulous comment because Sue responded to my call for help. She was very encouraging and highlighted the good things I was already doing with my blog. Yet at the same time, she gave me practical advice about what I could do differently, in a supportive way .

Challenging and provoking
My other favorite type of comment is one that challenges and provokes. It doesn't just get me thinking, but it encourages discussion and conversation amongst readers. One example is the comment Leigh Blackall made in response to one of my posts about ultrasound scans in pregnancy.

surely its not all about outcomes.. even for a teacher.. I look at this as just an extension of the family photo, and a little way of getting excited about the new member to be..

This was a great comment because it inspired a whole conversation about connecting with one's baby before it is born.

Image: 'winter brightness' jgrantmac

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