Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making connections with Pakistan

Yesterday, I was pleased to facilitate an online meeting in which Rafat Jan, a midwife and midwifery educator, gave participants an insight into midwifery in Pakistan. If you would like to listen to the recording, please click onto the link here:

Expanding my world
I know there are a number of barriers to online communication and quite a few nae-sayers, but when it works, it offers possibilities that just would not exist in face-to-face environments. Until recently, I knew very little about Pakistan or midwifery in Pakistan. And to be honest, I was not really interested. But through my conversations with Rafat by email and web conference I have begun to acquire an appreciation of challenges that face Pakistani midwives, and I must say that I admire Rafat and her colleagues hugely for what they achieve in the most testing of circumstances.

Using Web 2.0 to make connections
The highlight of the meeting for me was that Rafat was able to make very valuable connections with New Zealand midwives who will be able to offer her ongoing support at an international level. The other interesting thing that this meeting may result in is discussions about exchange placements for students in Pakistan and New Zealand.

Where to from here
I was very pleased that a number of my colleagues joined the meeting and are developing their online communication skills and ability to use Elluminate. I was particularly thrilled that a couple of students joined us. I am hoping that they will see the benefits of using this form of communication and will spread the word to their classmates and join us in future sessions.

The next open Elluminate session is presented by Dr Deborah Davis and is entitled:

Midwives making space for childbirth. Date: 23rd July 16.00 NZ. International Time.


Full details here.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions here about the recording, or any suggestions for future meetings. If you would like to give make an online presentation, please let me know or add your details on the PD for Midwives wiki.

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