Thursday, June 5, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 24: Commenting on a Blog Written in a Foreign Language

Crickey, today's task for the Comment Challenge is a real doozy - to comment on a blog that is written in a foreign language.

Google Translator
I became aware of Google Translator a couple of weeks ago following a discussion I had with a reader who was French. The idea of using a translator came from Sue Waters.

I tried to find a current midwifery blog written in French or Spanish but that turned out to be easier said than done.

Eventually, I found the blog of Ecohumanist which was written in Spanish. I was able to read her delightful birth story which got me thinking that I really should write my own two birth stories that I can gift my children.

Using a translator
This has been a very useful exercise. There have been a couple of blogs I have wanted to read but have been unable to because of language differences. Now that I am aware of Google Translator, that language barrier has been removed - not only for me, but also for people who want to read my blog but do not understand English. I would definitely recommend this tool.

Image: 'An experiment in visual kinetics' Torley


Anonymous said...

I feel very honored to be quoted in your blog! I also appreciate the commentary that you've entered into mine! I didn't knew your blog, but I'm loving it! I will put it in my blogroll and in my favorite links. I think I have much to learn from you and your skills and tips for improving my own blog ... Much pleased to meet you and congratulations for making such beautiful work you do: midwife!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you very much for coming back and looking at my blog. Are you reading it in English or using the Google Translate button on the right of the page?

Anonymous said...

i read english, so i did not use the translator, but i tested it... works just fine!