Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wordle me this

Wordle is the latest fun tool that has cropped up on the Internet. It makes 'clouds' from words you provide, or the tags you keep in del.icio.us.

I am not really sure how I would use this tool in a teaching context. Cathy Nelson thinks it can be used in writing classes to look at how words are used.

What I find interesting from a personal perspective is that I am saving few midwifery web sites in del.icio.us. The majority of my tags are to do with professional development, life-long learning, e-learning and PLE. This probably reflects my current interests as well as the fact that I read few midwifery blogs compared to education blogs.


mich.l said...

That's mine:

Greets from Belgium,

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello mich.l

Thank you very much for sharing your tags. I tried to translate this into Belgium so you could read it, but just couldn't find a translator that would do it so I apologize for that.

best wishes, Sarah