Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 31: My Top 5 Lessons

Yea, I've got to the last day of the Comment Challenge.

My five top lessons are:
  1. People are incredibly generous with their time and genuinely want to give of their time for no financial recompense or otherwise. So 'thank you' to all of those who have given of their time in supporting me in this Challenge. Also, a big 'thank you' to those of you who read this blog and a very, very big 'thank you' to those of you who leave comments.
  2. Think long and hard before you write anything, especially if it is in response to something that annoys you.
  3. Think about what your writing says about 'you' - do your comments match how you want to present yourself online?
  4. Commenting on blogs is a vital part of making connections as well as continuing conversations and discussions.
  5. Doing '31 day challenges' is mad, mad, mad! No, seriously, this Challenge and the 31 Day Blog Challenge is a great informal way to learn about blogging and online communication as well as make personal connections.
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Sue Waters said...

Totally agree. 31 Day Challenges are totally mad, mad, mad! And some has suggested that we need to make them 14 days or 7 days. However I don't think we would have gained as much is they weren't 31 Days because they are intense which is why you learn so much.

Anonymous said...

HI Sarah
Its great to see you have finished the challenge, it's encouraging me to keep going!

Sarah Stewart said...

Sue: I must admit my initial reaction was that they need to be condensed. But actually, I have changed my mind because one of the main things that is important about these events is that the length of time allows me to develop relationships with other people. I don't know if that would happen as well if the events ere only 10 days long.

OTeducation: keep going, chaps. Some others have just started the challenge so it will be good to have the experience of doing it so we can support them.

Sarah Stewart said...

Sorry OTeducation - I was thinking you were the Salford OTs. But you're Merrolee and one of the people just starting the challenge.

So, anyone reading this blog, pop across and see how Merrolee's doing and give her some support.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Tēnā koe Sarah!

"Think long and hard before you write anything, especially if it is in response to something that annoys>
I made it my personal rule (many years ago now) that I never answer an email that annoys me on the same day I receive it. Even when I've written a reply, I often leave it in draft till the next day (again) before I send it - and sometimes I end up scrapping it and writing a better, pleasanter reply.

It works. I apply the same rule to comments on blogs.

Good you got to the end Sarah - well done!

Ka kite