Sunday, June 8, 2008

Very sorry about my Flickr photos

To those of you who are subscribed to this blog:

Sorry to bombard you with my Flickr photos. I have been playing with Feedburner and didn't quite get the result I was expecting. I've switched off the offending buttons so you won't get bombarded again.

What I was trying to do was get all my feeds to go through Feedburner so I can track all my statistics but I am not sure I've done it properly, so any advice would be gratefully received.


Claire Thompson said...

I'd been working hard today to bring down the number of unread posts in my reader to below 100. Before supper I was at 50, after supper 71--what the heck?! 20 new posts from Sarah, my goodness she is prolific!

Sarah Stewart said...

The morale of the story is to make sure you subscribe to your own blog. That way you can pick up mistakes that others see and you might not pick up on.