Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Petal needs makeover advice

My other self in Second Life is Petal Stransky. Petal came into being late 2007. Petal was never going to be a hot chick - she was just too short, and as for that bum....well...!

My daughter was not very impressed and gave Petal a slightly less fuddy duddy look a few weeks later.

In May 2008, Petal found her way to the bar in JoKaydia and the girls there took one look at her, threw their hands up in horror and gave her a radical make-over. Petal got what she had always dreamed of: a beautiful body, slim waist, long legs and luscious hair. The girls also gave her some hot new clothes.

But as much as Petal was really grateful to her fairy godmothers, she just didn't feel right with her new appearance. She wanted to go back to how she felt she really was: short, dumpy, slightly shy and grumpy at times. She just could not be grumpy in a tall 'self'. She felt like she had to be gay all the time in her new body and that was too much like hard work.

So Petal is still trying to find herself although she is going to allow herself one vanity and keep the long, flowing locks.

Any suggestions about how you feel she should look?


efreeman said...

Lol -- I love looking at Petal's before and after shots. I like the original. She really was original -- perhaps with some funkier clothes rather than the tracksuit?

Barb said...

I enjoyed reading Petal's story. When I created my SL avatar
I wanted to be all those things. Putting my new luscious hair on backwards was not a good look and as I haven't figured out how to change my look I will have to stay with my original me.So be who you feel comfortable with

Sarah Stewart said...

@ efreeman I agree with you. I have just got to find out how to get her back to how she was. I also agree that she'll need new clothes but some thing to suit her personality

@barb I have been quite scathing about this whole SL thing but Petal is taking on a whole life of her own so I am going to have to take my unbelieving words back