Friday, February 22, 2008

31 Day Blog Challenge - My sneeze page

I looked at Day 18 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge but wasn't really sure what a sneeze page was so was really pleased when Sue Waters cleared things up for me in the comment she wrote following my post.

Because of the format of Blogger, I am unable to produce a separate page that gives the reader information about the blog and links to my 'best' posts. So I have chosen to follow the format that Cammie Bean used.
  • I wrote my 'sneeze' post which tells readers about my blog, how to comment and subscribe to the blog.
  • I have linked it to a section in the side bar - About This Blog
This feels a much better format.


Sue Waters said...

Oops the theory about the Squeeze page is to drive people deeper into your blog. The concept behind it is that when visitors arrive at they only see your latest posts. What you want to do is encourage them to explore deeper into your blog by some how showing them popular posts that will help them. I have mine on my Browse page -- which as I said isn't being used.

You have created an excellent About Page - far better than mine - which tells people how to engage with you and your blog. Look like I need to do some blog makeover on my own blogs.

Sarah Stewart said...

Oh well, even if it isn't a good sneeze, it feels good to have that information there. I do try to direct people back into my blog as I am writing a post and am a lot more careful about my labels so I think I am achieving the aim of a sneeze page as best as I can. However, now that I am more aware of the concept, I will be more diligent about writing 'summing up' posts on a regular basis. Thanks, Sue.

Cammy Bean said...

You can make your About Page be a sneeze page if it drives people deeper into the content, as Sue mentions.

As a blogger user, another thing I've been doing is included a "best of" list in my sidebar that includes link to my greatest hits. That seems to keep steady access to the oldies but goodies. Let me know if you need help with that.

Keep up the 31 Days! It can be grueling, but well worth it...

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you for your suggestions, Cammy. What I have done is:

1. Reduced my profile to a link in the side bar

2. Started to develop my ePorfolio in wikispaces - put a link in the sidebar and put all my publications in the ePortfolio:

Sarah Stewart said...

All I have to do now is list my favorite posts in the sidebar. cheers Cammy