Friday, February 22, 2008

31 Days to Building a Better Blog: Day 18

Day 18 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge involves creating a sneeze page or post. This is a page/post that drives people deep in your blog, encouraging people to look at past posts - a sort of summing up of your 'good' work.

I have been avoiding this challenge for a few days because it takes a deliberate plan and I have been focusing on my tips for student midwives. However, in my last post about communication, I endeavored to direct people to previous posts about Twitter.

So this weekend I aim to write a very deliberate post that attracts readers to past posts. Any suggestions for how I can do this? Has there been any past posts you have enjoyed that you think other readers might be interested in?

Image: 'AAchhee'


Sue Waters said...

Occur once again with Blogger we are dealing with the limitations of not being able to add pages.

But before I go there I should mention I put a lot of work into creating the squeeze page - one of my readers wrote that he disagreed with Darren and the key to driving people deeper in your blog is the effective use of categories (in your cause looks like they are called labels or you could add technorati tags). I've just check my Google Analytics account for Jan 1 to Feb 22 the squeeze page - Browse has only be accessed 31 times. As I use this page when writing articles - I would say it has minimal use for the time spent.

Ok - now I have done a bit more research into blogger. Cammie Bean who was part of the original challenge uses blogger so I went past her blog to see how she got around the problems of lack of pages. What she has done is write a post for the About this page and then link from the side menu using a text box. Worth checking out how she has done this. Then she has reduced the profile displayed to reduce clutter on her site.

In terms of a squeeze page - I would either write a post that highlights your favourite posts, or use a text widget to link to your favourite posts and/or use your labels to link to categories.

Sarah Stewart said...

I have had a look at the blog you recommended and I think the way she has done it is really good - it will certainly help clear up my side bar. The other thing I think I will do (when I get around to it!) is set up an e-portfolio/CV in a wiki, which I can then link to. cheers

Anonymous said...

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Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you Jason but this is an education blog not a commercial one. cheers Sarah