Thursday, February 7, 2008

Timely reminder about why I blog

Having just looked at how I can use my blog stats to grow my readership, I have just read a timely reminder from Michele Martin that blogging, for me anyway, is not about becoming famous (although that would be very nice!) but about adding value to your own life and those who read your blog. Michele's advice on blogging for learning is:
  • blog to add value for yourself
  • think about the process, not the finished product
  • do not fixate on getting a huge audience but rather concentrate on developing quality relationships with readers
  • don't be afraid to make mistakes
I have been so caught up in the 31 Day Challenge and trying to attract readers that I have lost sight of why I do this in the first place - echoing Kate Olson's post in which she is saying much the same thing. I love the 31 Day Challenge and am learning lots about how to improve my blog. But I must not lose sight of the fact that I want to improve my blog so it reads well and provides information, resources and opportunities for discussion, rather than it being a 'Sarah Stewart' advert.

Image: 'att blogging campaign' Sean Coon


Michele said...

At several points in the original challenge, many of us felt the way you're feeling. In fact, I vividly recall feeling like I was losing my way in where I wanted to go with my blog. But ultimately the exercises did help me get clearer about what I wanted to be and do with my blog, so they were worth it. I'm glad that my post on blogging for learning helped you refine your thinking--I do think that it's a distinctly different animal!

Sarah Stewart said...

I agree, Michele.