Friday, February 22, 2008

Sarah's Musings

My name is Sarah Stewart and I am a project manager, researcher, educator, midwife, and PhD candidate. I am very interested in how we educate and support health professionals both at an undergraduate level and once they are in practice. There is a growing global recruitment and retention problem in all health professions, and I think it is vital that we address this problem now. One of the ways we can do that is by personal education and development, which can be facilitated by social networking tools ie Web 2.0.

The aim of the blog is to discuss issues facing health professionals regarding education, professional development,mentoring and life-long learning. It aims to explore the issues of using Web 2.0, both for personal learning and also as a teaching tool. And finally, it aims to be a resource for health professionals, and anyone else interested in learning, teaching and health.

Leaving comments on my blog

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Hope you enjoy this blog and find something of interest or benefit. Don't forget to drop me a comment to say 'hello'. Thank you.

My comments policy
  • I genuinely welcome your comments, whether you agree with my posts or not. Debate is healthy and we can all learn from it.
  • However, this blog is 'family friendly' and any comments that are rude, demeaning, offensive or inciteful will be deleted or edited.
  • Discussion about the principles of health care practice is welcome but attacks on the practice of an individual health practitioner will not be tolerated even if the HP appears to be an idiot - remember, there is always two sides to every story.
  • In order to promote a culture of learning and debate on this blog, no personal attacks are permitted in this blog’s comments. You may question or argue the content, but not attack the blogger, nor any other commenters. Failure to respect fellow participants on this blog could result in removal and blocked access.
Last modified: 29th December 2008


rae said...

good idea putting this post here for a reminder that is more visible

Sarah Stewart said...

Glad you found it useful, Rae. As a newbie to blogging, it there anything else you would like to have explained on this page?

Lisa Hanson PhD, CNM, FACNM said...

Hi sarah-Nice to meet you in SL and also to see your blog. I look forward to more meetings and hopefully some good discussion about teaching innovations.
Good luck with the PhD studies!
Happy Easter! Lisa Hanson

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you very much for that, Lisa. Best wishes to you as well.

BK said...

Hi Sarah,
I find your blog so interesting because it's not in my comfort zone and I love that.
I wasn't so hot to work on a comments policy until I took a look at Kevin's and decided that his tone of invitation seemed to fit me the best.
I have it up and waiting for visitors now.
I think you make readers welcome to join your discussions and there's a very practical section as well.
What do you think?
Have you looked at other blogs yet since you put your new one up?

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you Bonnie for having a look at the policy for me. What's your blog url - would love to have a look at your policy.

I must admit I haven't had much of a look around because I haven't had a lot of time. But I think I should, just to get more ideas about it. Thank you, Sarah

Kevin said...

I like the thoroughness of this invitation to comment. It shows great thought. It's not easy to strike a balance between "inviting" and "preachy."