Friday, February 1, 2008

Centre for Midwifery, Child and Family Health Flickr Pages

Flickr is a website that allows you to upload your photos and share them with the world, or you can keep them available only to the people you want to see them. The beauty of Flickr or any other photo sharing website, is that it gives you another place to store your photos so that if your computer, photo albums or other storage resources go up in smoke you have another place to find your photos. The other thing I love about Flickr is that it gives you access to a huge number of amazing images you can use in teaching and presentations, although you do have to pay attention to the license that is attached to the image.

Anyway, I have just found a Flickr account for the Center for Midwifery, Child and Family Health at the University of Sydney. This research and education center is very active in supporting and promoting a number of excellent midwifery initiatives in Sydney and Australia, not least one-to-one midwifery care schemes. Their rationale for having a Flickr account is that they do not have room to put the photos on their official website but they do not want to discard the photos either.

The significance of finding this Flickr account is that this is the first such account that I have found and I think it is a great idea for our School of Midwifery. It would be another way to getting ourselves 'out there'. But we would have to be careful to think through licensing issues. Would we have to have specific permission from all the people who are in the photos?

What do you think about this as an idea? Have you come across any midwifery Flickr accounts?

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