Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A very different birth video

Knowing how interested I am in collecting birth videos as teaching tools for midwifery students, my husband pointed me to the BBC website where David Attenborough talks about his latest natural history series: Life in Cold Blood.

I have been absolutely fascinated by many of the film clips but my favorite is of an anaconda giving birth. I thought all snakes originate from eggs, but this anaconda births her babies like mammals. As usual, the patience of the film makers is astounding.

This film clip has no real relevance to this blog. But it did make me stop and wonder at this amazing world we live in and the life that we so often are either ignorant of or take for granted.

Image: 'Anaconda'


Carolyn said...

My goodness, I am astonished. I thought snakes laid eggs. You can see what looks like a placenta come out with each one.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'm glad you like the video-I just love it!

Liss G said...

wow AND waterbirths no less !