Friday, February 29, 2008

Telecom Virtual Rugby Super 14 : I'm getting all excited!

Today, I got very excited.

My blog stats have blown off the Richter scale and I thought...this is it...fame at last...I have found the secret ingredient that is going to make me the world's number one midwifery and education your heart out, Problogger.

When I looked at my stats it became clear that the one post I wrote about the upcoming Super 14 season and my participation in the Telecom Virtual Rugby was attracting all the attention. Then I realised that this was because the Telecom site was 'down' for some reason and assume that people are trying to find out why.

So, if you have found my blog because you're an ardent rugby fan - welcome! If you're a midwife and ardent rugby fan, you are especially welcome!

If you are a Waratahs fan, then be prepared to be very sad this weekend because the Highlanders are going to thrash them at Carisbrook this weekend ...I hope!

PS: The Telecom website is now up and running again so you have a few more hours to fill in your predictions for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Ken is from Hamilton so we root for the Chiefs. But, it must be admitted, we're a bit lackadaisical about it , being in Ireland and all.