Monday, February 4, 2008

Mourning my Tupperware

Don't bother to read this post if you are a man because men just do not get Tupperware!

My darling husband has been trying to get me to throw out my Tupperware for at least 15 years, but I resist at every turn. I don't care that the lids don't match any of the containers or that hundreds of containers sit in the cupboard but never get used! They are a legacy to be passed on to my daughter one day!

You may well ask what's brought this on?

Well, my Tupperware scraper or spatula has completely split in half. And the significance is that I got that scraper when I was 18 years old and it was part of my collection for my 'bottom drawer' - those items that young women collect that becomes part of their dowry - which makes it over 25 years old!

Doh, Sarah, so why you getting your knickers in such a twist!!??!!

Because somehow it seems the signify the end of an era for me...those halcyon days when I was a young lass...a naive and eager nursing student...just fallen in love with my husband-to-be...3 stone lighter (or is it 4 stone) than I am now!?

Suddenly, it seems that I am all grown up. I have a beautiful daughter the same age as I was when I first bought that scraper, and a gorgeous son who is almost the age of my husband when I first met him. I have a fantastic job, brilliant friends and I am learning heaps all the time.

Time to buy a new scraper, I think.

PS: Do young women have 'bottom drawers' or 'dowries' any more?

Image: 'Tupperware'


Sue Waters said...

I believe that Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee, except on a few items e.g. cheese grater with metal part. So surely worth talking to your really friendly tupperware person to see if it is possible. PS while I do love my tupperware there are some items I've gotten rid of and with boys - there is no one to pass it onto :(

Sarah Stewart said...

See, I knew you girls would get this post!!

Anonymous said...

hmm - laughed at this post sarah - but seriously no daughter of mine is having a bottom drawer - if i leave my 3 tupperware bowls (with lids - of course) to anyone it will be my son - he will need them because he is going to be a rock star - so will seriously need to hook up with a high earning woman to afford that dream - and I think tempting her with his tupperware is a seriously solid option.

Sarah Stewart said...

Just loved your answer, Rae. Really made me laugh - you're a star!!!

Andrew said...

Sarah, how dare you... I am a man and I appreciate Tupperware. In fact I am the UK's top-selling Tupperware consultant. Actually, many of my enquiries are from Kiwis based here, and most of them want a beetroot keeper.

Sarah Stewart said...

Oh Andrew, I should have married you!! You wouldn't make me throw my old lids out, would you!!

Maybe you can organize to send me a new scrapper/spatula then!

Sue said...

I love my mum's beetroot keeper - it is awesome.

Sarah Stewart said...

My favorite is my cake/sponge container, and jelly mould.