Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things I have learned from...people

Robert Hruzek's writing challenge of the month at New Middle Zone Musings is what I have learned from people.

I have learned from people the importance of not being judgmental or jumping to conclusions. Often first impressions are not correct and that people are a lot different to what you first think. Just because a person comes from a different background, dresses or speaks differently does not mean that he or she cannot be hugely influential in your life. I have learned from people that I must be open at all times so that I can learn more from people.

Image: 'Mankind' √Čole


Bob said...

Sarah, I's say you've captured it in a nutshell very well.

Thanks for joining us this month!


Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you for that, Bob. Now I must remember to stick with that mantra!

Trevor said...

You are so right - the lazy way out is to be judgmental and form opinions about people before you really get to know them.

Mother Earth said...

i was attending a lecture, the speaker looked...well, not at all like someone I'd want to learn from - she was dressed loudly, huge hair, tons of poorly done make-up, and claw like laquered nails, she had enough bling on her lapel to require sunglasses while looking at her. I was afraid. I humbly have to say she was an astounding speaker, and what she had to say had nothing to do with what she wore, or how she applied her make-up - it was how she spoke, from her heart that filled the room.

Trevor said...

Your description reminds me of one of my lecturers at Teachers' College many years ago. (Perhaps it was her Australian twin?) Since then I've watched her career with fascination until her recent appointment as Chancellor and Emeritus Professor of one of the local universities! She was also recently awarded one of our country's highest awards in the New Year's Honor Lists. First appearances CAN be deceiving.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you both, Trevor and Mother Earth. I was basing my thoughts on some of the women I have met over the years as a midwife. I have met some very poor and 'ignorant' people (or I should say, uneducated) and I have been quick to judge, I admit. But it has been my experience that very often they are the people who have taught me about generosity, pride, resourcefulness, values and beliefs. I am extremely grateful to them for these lessons - I hope I never forget them.