Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What do you have to do to get your kids to leave home?

To be honest, the title of this post is a little misleading - it probably should be 'what do you have to do to get your kids to leave you in peace!?'

My darling girl left home in December to go flatting with mates and start university this month. She's moved to a flat about 10 minutes drive away. She's excited because she has got away from mum and dad nagging. I'm excited because I have her bedroom for a study.

But I swear I do more running around after her now than I ever did! Yesterday, it was over to give her chocolate cake and left-over lasagna for the freezer. The day before, I had to bring her home for TLC because she wasn't feeling very well. Two days before that, it was driving her around so she could do her shopping.

I'll just have to look forward to payback and she has to look after me when I'm old and decrepit!

Image: 'And Gone....'


Sue Waters said...

Good luck. While I want say how old I am - my mum comes over to my house every Wednesday to help with the kids. While she is at it she washes all the clothes, does a bit of ironing and my food shopping.

Chuckling at your future :)

Sarah Stewart said...

OMG - now I'm reaching for the G&T except...

I've just had a call asking if I can go and pick her up because she wants to come home for the night.I've said no because I am trying to write an article about web 2.0 and midwives!!

mammal said...

well, at the moment i wish my big girl would stay a little longer, but she's finishing school in may and will be off to switzerland (working as an aupair) by july.
at the moment i'm struggling to get the little one out of his or her belly hotel, but as the fridge (=placenta) is almost empty, i'm sure to see it coming out tomorrow (otherwise it's induction time and i'm not to keen on that...).

Sarah Stewart said...

To be honest, I am glad she hasn't moved to another city or country even. But at the same time, its good for her to spread her wings and learn what living in the big world is all about.