Friday, February 8, 2008

Twitter and Midwives

Was just told about the new Twitter search device by mbogle - so thought I would try and find other midwives who use Twitter. As far as I could see, I am the only midwife using Twitter. Or at least, the only one who has put midwife in my profile.

What did interest me was the number of people who talk about their interactions with their midwives, things like: 'saw my midwife today', 'contracting 1:5, think I'll call my midwife', 'baby born 2 hours ago' and so on. Makes you think about how much you are on show as a midwife.

The other thing that really interested me was that Midwifery Today, a major international midwifery magazine sends out regular updates via Twitter as does March of Dimes, which is a huge web site and organization that deals with birth issues and research. If credible organizations like these are using Twitter as a communication vehicle, how long will it be before others follow?

Image: 'Twittermania'


Donna Dolezal Zelzer said...

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning Midwifery Today and our Twitter feed.

I'm the one who takes care of it - I'm sort of the technie-nerd around the office, always finding new things like that might help spread the word about midwifery and about us.

Midwifery Today Marketing Director

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for popping by, Donna. You were the one who introduced me to social networking back in the days when it wasn't called anything - I joined your midwifery email list 12 years ago. I have to admit that I left to make my own list for New Zealand midwives. But I 'met' Sara Wickham on your list and we are now friends, so it is a very small and developing world.

Do you know of any other midwives or midwifery educators that use Twitter?

Carolyn said...

Hi,Donna, I am a friend and colleague of Sarah's. I have a feeling you were the person who had started a NIng midwifery group. I joined and posted a message but I do not think anyone else has been there or at least posted on this site.