Monday, March 31, 2008

Being a midwife to a pregnant man

Here would be an interesting challenge for a midwife.

Thomas Beattie is a transgender, legal male who is living with his wife, Nancy who is unable to have children. Thomas is pregnant and due to birth his baby in July this year. You can read all the details here in 'The Advocate'.

I am not 100% sure if this story is true although it has been picked up by a number of bloggers including Sage Femme. Her commentary about this is interesting to read and she asks some very relevant questions. But the date on the original article is the 8th April, 2008 so I would be very interested to know if this is truly authentic.

But even if it isn't true, the article does raise the challenge for midwives about how they care for people who do not fit into the 'normal' mold?

Have there ever been situations where you have been challenged to look at your beliefs and values about gender, identity and relationships when caring for women and their families?


Anonymous said...

Of course, there is one way for guys to feel pregnant for 24 hours -- and it is fully reversible!

Try one of those Velco-reinforced pregnancy suits:

Sarah Stewart said...

Not quite the same thing, Schlocky! However, how many of you chaps have tried the empathy belly and what did you think of it?