Sunday, March 2, 2008

My ePortfolio: all sorted on Wikispaces

I have started to develop my ePortfolio on Wikispaces, which is a wiki platform. I was struggling for a short while, trying to work out how I should format the ePortfolio and getting it to work in Wikispaces.

Dominick and Damian very kindly responded with written instructions but it was Michele Martin's screencast that showed me what to do. In it, Michele goes through all the steps to set up pages within pages in Wikispaces - a great resource if you are just getting your head around setting up a wiki in Wikispaces.

This incident has shown me the power of video and audio as teaching tools. I did not respond at all well to the written word, although I have always thought of myself as a 'reader/writer' learner. But I got 'it' straight away when Michele showed me what to do using the video. A salutatory lesson for me, as I consider how I can engage students and midwives more with online learning and professional development.


Anonymous said...

You might find easier/better for an e-portfolio than wikispaces. Good luck though either way. -- techie teacher

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks a lot for that, Techie Teacher. I'll think I'll stick with wikispaces for the time being and see how I go. Cheers Sarah

Sue Waters said...

Your engagement with audio and video gets back to your preferred learning style, and where you are at with technology. When I ran workshops on how to use technology majority wanted the step-by-step notes, and couldn't use video to learn how to do the tasks. I think the key is realising that individuals do have these differences - and then catering for them.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Sue, fair comment.