Friday, March 14, 2008

Fetal circulation and Baby's first breath

I have to admit that anatomy and physiology is my weak point, and fetal circulation is one of those things I have always struggled don't ask me any questions about it!

Here is a video about how baby's circulation changes when he is born. It has been recommended by my friend who teaches midwifery students this topic. It is a complicated subject but will be of interest to parents who have never thought about how their babies live and 'breathe' in pregnancy and when they are born.


Carolyn said...

This is really good, have you put it on the wiki?

Carolyn said...

I have just put it in the wiki with the clinical practice videos under a new heading of bioscience.

Anonymous said...

sweet - I can insert this into my current child health lecture - except I don't know how - so i will ask you later. Thanks Sarah

Claire Thompson said...

Neat video. I have taught grade 12 students about fetal circulation for years, but had only the vaguest notion of how the fetus switched over to normal circulation at birth. Now I know and can teach my students--thanks for that!