Monday, March 31, 2008

My midwifery philosophy: a slidecast

A few days ago I posted my midwifery philosophy in my ePortfolio. In the feedback I have received about this, Michele Martin thought it would be even more effective if I added audio to the text.

So what I have done is made a slidecast, talking about my work as a midwife and what is I view is important for my midwifery practice. This will go along side the text I have written in my ePortfolio.

I would be really interested in your feedback. Is it too wordy and boring? I think I probably could be more succinct - what do you think?


Michele Martin said...

Sarah, I really like this a lot. I think you could do some bullet points from what you've said here for a text version that people could read if they didn't want multimedia and then have this embedded as well with a note that if someone wants to hear you talking about your philosophy, they can listen to your slidecast. I found it to be really engaging and personable!

Sarah Stewart said...

I must admit, I did suddenly have the thought about people who have basic Internet access and couldn't download the slidecast; how to reach them. So I think you have a very good point and I'll look at that with my next slidecast.

But at the same time, I'm trying to do away with as much text as I can in my Powerpoint presentations to try and prevent them being too boring.

Michele Martin said...

I'm thinking that if you're going to embed this in your wiki, you just put the bullet points in the wiki with an option to view/listen to the slidecast to hear you describe your philosophy. I wouldn't do a separate PPT for exactly the reasons you mention.

Sarah Stewart said...

What I have done is what you have suggested - put the slideshow alongside the text about my philosophy. The slidecast more or less covers everything I have written. The other thing I could do is put links to the posts in my blog in which I discuss aspects of my philosophy and practice.