Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Learning tools 'drop in' session for students

Tomorrow I am running a computer 'drop in' session for students at lunch time. We do not really integrate Web 2.0 tools into our midwifery program other than what is offered on BlackBoard, although Carolyn has set up a class blog for her first year students as an additional support/learning mechanism. So I offering students some lunch time sessions which aim to provide opportunities to learn about online tools, primarily to help them to manage their information seeking and increase their digital literacy.

Essentially I plan to offer an open session and address the students' needs as they identify them. However, if the students come with no particular queries, I have decided to look at del.icio.us, RSS, Google Reader and email discussion groups.

I have never run a session like this before and I cannot wait to see how it goes - to see if students feel they need such a session and what they want to know about, compared to what I think they should know about.

If you are a student, what would you like to know about?

If you are a teacher, what have you found are new students' greatest needs as regards to searching for information and networking?

Image: 'Students working on class assignment in computer lab'


Carolyn said...

Looking forward to this. I wonder if anyone will come?

Sarah Stewart said...

Sadly, only one person turned up and she didn't stay long.

But maybe I need to advertise it in a sexier way like...do you want to save time then come to ....

or ...I can help you increase you grades by telling you about!! :)