Monday, March 31, 2008

Disparties between medicine and midwifery

Over the years there has been many complaints about the way doctors get heaps of freebies from drug and medical equipment companies - funding, gifts, equipment, fancy holidays! Midwives get nothing, especially since we have been banned from accepting advertising material from formula companies who were the only ones interested in giving us anything.

But today my boat came in...the trend has been reversed...I have received a free gift in the post from a drug company. I have finally benefited from my job of being midwife. Those doctors can keep their fancy cars and expense accounts! At last, my chance to be bribed and corrupted by a drug company into unethical behavior!

My free gift...?

A box of powder free rubber gloves from a drug company that makes hemorrhoid cream!


Kate said...

LOL! You won the jackpot there!!

Sarah Stewart said...

I think its an early April Fools Day trick organised by one of my dear mates - she gets me every year!

Kathy said...

Congrats, for the free gift, Sarah!


Lisa Barrett said...

I'd love free gifts like that I have to buy my own.

Sarah Stewart said...

I know, you're right, Lisa :) Rubber gloves actually are expensive. They'll go safely into my home birth kit ready for when I need them next! Thankfully, I don't need them for personal use!

BTW, I am really enjoying your home birth blog and the birth photos are wonderful.