Sunday, March 9, 2008

Second Life wiki for midwives

We had our second midwifery meeting in Second Life this morning. I nearly overslept and missed it. Just as well I have an avatar because no one would have wanted to see me in real life! We changed the time this meeting which allowed a couple of American midwives join us, as well as a midwife from Australia.

Carolyn has set up a wiki for us to document our adventures in Second Life. So check that out for the latest details of midwifery meetings.

Do not be afraid to add and edit contents, eg your views on how we can use Second Life for education, professional development, communication and collaboration.

Or, if you are an educator who uses Second Life, what tips and hints would you have for us?


Carolyn said...

Thanks for this Sarah. Love the photo. this must've been during one of the times I lost connection.

Sarah Stewart said...

No, I went back after the meeting and had a time of quiet contemplation.

Carolyn said...

Should've had you togs on, a nice wee incy wincy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

Sarah Stewart said...

It would be a wonderful place to have a waterbirth!