Friday, January 11, 2008

Online midwifery seminars with MIDIRS

MIDIRS is a midwifery information and resource service. The organization is probably best known for its distinctive pink quarterly digests, research database and informed choice leaflets. What I have failed to realize is that MIDIRS has expanded its website to include other online resources to include blogs, wiki, discussion board and online seminars.

The online seminars or webinars are the exactly same principle as the online meetings I ran last year - the only difference is the conferencing software. The next couple of webinars are about planning a research project and thinking about informed choice. Previous webinars are available as recordings:
  • Knowledge for Practice: Enhancing your learning as a student midwife and beyond
  • Division of tongue tie – a wicked, barbaric, criminal thing to do?
  • Normal neonatal behaviour and the psychology of parenting
  • Cup feeding revisited
  • Writing for publication - through the eyes of an editor
  • Supporting staff in providing HDU care within maternity services
  • A simple guide to critiquing research articles
  • Facing issues in practice that are controversial
  • Skin deep - skin care and care of the unbilicus
  • Finding your way through the information maze!
I have listened to the presentation on writing for publication and Carolyn found the webinar about tongue tie to be extremely interesting.

For many of us midwives MIDIRS is a very old friend, and it is certainly worth checking the website regularly because to my knowledge this website/midwifery organization is about the most far-thinking with regards to social networking and e-learning.

Have you looked at the MIDIRS website recently? What did you think about the webinars? Were there any other resources you found useful and would recommend?


Dark Daughta said...

What has happened to MIDIRS? They were such a valuable source of midwifery related information. Have they gone under? Has their site moved?

Sarah Stewart said...

MIDIRS is still there...have you had trouble finding their website?